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HughesNet Gen4 – Compatible with NextAlarm – Home Security System

HughesNet Gen 4 Compatible with NextAlarm – Home Security System

The New HughesNet Gen4 high speed satellite internet system will provide secure data link for remote monitoring of alarm and video security systems.

We have partnered up with NextAlarm Monitoring Services, Inc., the industry’s leading wireless alarm and video company that is compatible with satellite internet service . With over 620,000 current subscribers, and thousands more expected after the launch of our new Gen4 service, mostly living in rural areas, NextAlarm is a logical choice for people that would like to be able to monitor their homes and businesses after an alarm goes off. NextAlarm’s products and services related to security will be offered by International Satellite & Antenna Service.

The NextAlarm line of products features wireless security cameras, a wireless alarm system, and a patented broadband adapter that enables most existing alarm systems to communicate over the HughesNet high speed Internet system. The NextAlarm wireless system has been optimized to operate over a HughesNet satellite Internet connection employing a unique protocol that is extremely bandwidth efficient, resulting in a cost-effective, monitored security service over a satellite internet connection without disrupting other Internet traffic.

Gen4 Internet Alarm System

Why Customers Need NextAlarm

 Designed to work with the HughesNet satelliteinternet technology

 No service term commitments. Most security companies require long-term service commitments.

 No credit checks required.

 Easy for most people to install themselves. Wireless components (cameras do require AC power). Professional installation available at economical pricing.

 Plenty of options to customize the security system that is right for you – cameras, smoke detectors, flood detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, door alarms, breaking glass detectors

 Monitor your system from your iPhone or Android – view cameras, arm/disarm system, check to see if doors or windows opened, etc. Cutting edge technology.

 Arm or disarm your system from a key fob. Or from the office or on the road with your mobile device.

 Great for pets – the pet immune wireless motion detector is designed to protect homes with small pets – while going off if an adult intruder is inside.

 An inexpensive security option to out of term customers with other security products such as ADT – by switching to NextAlarm. The broadband adapter interfaces with most other security system panels – and provides for lower monthly cost monitoring.

 Various monitoring options – from self-monitoring to full professional emergency dispatch.

 Video is stored ‘in the Internet cloud’ and does not require an expensive recording system to store video footage. Consumers can view the videos by accessing the internet through a PC or their mobile device.

NextView, the video surveillance product, is also unique in that it does not require on-site video storage or constant uploading to a remote server. The cameras feature a buffer which is continually updated, but is only sent to the NextAlarm servers in the event of an alarm. When an alarm does occur, the buffer is uploaded, and includes a video starting 10 seconds before the alarm, and ending five minutes after. This allows NextView to keep cost and bandwidth use to a minimum, while still providing a strong visual record of alarms.

HughesNet NextAlarm Scenarios

SCENARIO #1 – Existing Alarm Customer

  • Customer purchases broadband adapter ONLY
  •  Customer chooses monitoring service
  • Optional cameras for additional security


SCENARIO #2 – New Alarm Customer

  • Customer purchases starter kit and broadband adapter
  • Customer chooses monitoring service
  • Optional cameras for additional security


SCENARIO #3 – Camera ONLY Customer

  • Customer purchases cameras
  • Customer chooses camera service
  • Optional cameras for additional security


NextAlarm® Monitoring Services Inc., The Broadband Alarm Company®, was established in 2000 by a team of alarm industry experts with more than 50 years of collective experience. The company provides service to thousands of homes and businesses in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, including those who have switched to VoIP over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service.



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09 2012