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5 Things That Will Not Work Well With Satellite Internet

5 Things That Will Not Work Well With Satellite Internet

The following five things are not recommended for satellite internet?

1.VPNs. VPNs do not work well over satellite. You may use a VPN with HughesNet plans, but you will likely experience reduced speeds by as much as 50-75%. You can restore your connection to full speed by simply disabling your VPN client when your session is over. Note: HughesNet Technical Support does not provide help with configuring or troubleshooting problems associated with VPN clients.

2.Twitch Games. Time-sensitive applications that require fractions-of-a-second user inputs (such as multi-player “twitch” games or real-time equities trading) are not recommended with HughesNet due to latency issues. Latency refers to the amount of time it takes a packet of data to travel across a network. With satellite service, that data must travel up to the satellite and back (about 45,000 miles). This round trip adds about a half-second delay to the total time your computer takes to communicate with a Website or host server.

3. Heavy downloading. The HughesNet Basic Service plan is not recommended for heavy downloading. The Power 150 and Power 200 Service Plans are faster and can handle heavier download. While there is enough bandwidth for an occasional movie, satellite Internet will not work well as a substitute for satellite TV. Note, however, that the Fair Access Policy applies.

4.VoIP. Voice over IP doesn’t work well on a residential Hughes system with satellite due to the latency issues mentioned above. I have personally talked with individuals that have tried Magic Jack, and they say that the outbound calls work better than the inbound, but overall, it was not satisfactory.

5. Streaming Video. Streaming Video, especially high definition videos is bandwidth-intensive. If you intend to watch videos you may exceed your download threshold. As mentioned above, there is enough bandwidth in our plans to download an occasional movie, but if you have the option to stream in standard definition as opposed to High Definition, you will stand a better chance of not exceeding your monthly bandwidth restrictions.

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10 2012