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What Will Put You Over Your Data Limit?

What Will Put You Over Your Data Limit?

HughesNet Gen4 offers three monthly plans, the Power, Power Pro and Power Max. Each plan has a restriction on how much “data” you can download within a month. The data usage limits are divided into “Anytime Allowance “and “Bonus Bytes”. Generally speaking, the “Anytime Allowance “is a limit on data usage during the daytime and the “Bonus Bytes” are your limit on data usage between the hours of 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. However, if you exceed your “Bonus Byte” limit between the hours of 2 a.m. and 8a.m., that usage will be deducted from your “Anytime Allowance”.

It is said that 90% of all bandwidth usage is consumed by 5% of the users. The average household with one or two computers will find that the Power plan with 20 GB of monthly usage (10 GB Anytime and 10 Bonus Bytes) should offer more than enough bandwidth to suit their needs. Of course if you have teenagers in the house that spend hours every day keeping up with their friends latest YouTube videos, or hooking up their Xbox, this theory goes right out the window.  

There are many variables in trying to estimate just how much “Data Usage” is right for you. Below, to assist you in trying to calculate what your usage needs are, I have given my estimates of what you can do with your 10 GB “Anytime Allowance” in a month. Again, these are my estimates only, based on my research, and the size and type of file, photo or videos that you download will ultimately determine how much you will use.

1 GB =  20 Hours of Web Browsing

1 GB =   1500 emails

1 GB =   12 Hours on Facebook

1 GB =   Download 120 Photographs

1 GB =   Download 150 Text Files

1 GB =   30 Hours of music (MP3)

1 GB =   2.5 Hours on YouTube (low resolution)

1 GB =   2 Hours Video Chat  

1 GB =   1.25 Hours of SD TV or Movies

1 GB =   ½ Hour of a HD Movie

As I stated earlier, there are many variables in my estimates, and your actual usage will depend on the size of files that you download. A good rule to follow is to keep an eye on your usage meter located on the HughesNet Gen4 home page to determine your actual usage., If you find that a particular activity is using a lot of your “Anytime Allowance” you may be able to schedule that activity to download during the “Bonus Bytes” time using the Download Manager tool offered with HughesNet. You can schedule large downloads such as Microsoft software updates to take place during the night so they only use Bonus Bytes” and have no impact on your “Anytime” Data Allowance. I will write more about the Download Manager later.

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09 2012