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HughesNet Gen4 Antenna

Gen4 Antenna

The five main components of the HughesNet Gen4 Antenna are:
• AZ/El Mount Assembly
• Reflector Bracket and Tilt Plate
• Antenna Reflector
• Feed Support Arm
• Radio Assembly with Feed Horn
The Az/El Mount Assembly supports the reflector, radio assembly and feed horn. The Az/El mount has a sleeve with collar bolts that allows the installer to secure the satellite dish to an approved pole or mast. There are three adjustments that can be made on the back of the mount to precisely align the dish with the satellite: the azimuth, elevation and skew. These adjustments will change based on the location of the dish in relationship to the satellite. To install the GEN4 system, the installer is required to obtain a GPS reading of the location and enter it into a program that will calculate these adjustments. The fine tuning of the dish is accomplished by connecting a special dish alignment tool called a DAPT, or DiSEqc Antenna Pointing Tool.
The satellite dish reflector focuses the transmitted and received RF signals to/from the Radio Assembly. To better understand how it works, if you remember as a child, you may have taken a magnifying glass and bend the sun’s rays to burn a hole in a leaf. As you moved the magnifying glass up and down, you found that the strength of the sun was most powerful when the light was the size of a pinhead. The satellite dish works much the same way; the signal is concentrated by the curvature of the dish and is received by the radio assembly at the “focal point”. The actual antenna is not much larger that a pin head. The radio assembly consists of the radio transmitter/receiver, polarizer waveguide, and feed horn. The high frequency satellite signals are amplified, and then down converted to a RF signal that can be carried over a high quality, solid copper coax cable to the modem. For the return path, the modem sends out a high frequency signal to the transmitter, it reflects off the dish and is received by the satellite.
In order for a HughesNet Gen4 high speed satellite earth station to operate correctly, the installation and alignment of the antenna plays a critical role. All HughesNet Gen4 systems are installed by certified installers that have passed online and hands on training. Additional training is required to keep their certifications active.

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