HughesNet Existing Customer Upgrades to Gen 4

HughesNet Gen4 Availability MapExisting customers will need to upgrade their equipment and have their satellite dish re-pointed to the new HughesNet Gen 4 satellite to subscribe to one of our new Power Plans.


The HughesNet Gen4 Power Plans are available only through the EchoStar XVII satellite. Certain geographical areas will not be covered by this satellite in its first months of service; coverage will roll out first in select regions and then gradually expand to include additional areas.

Upgrade Costs

Current HughesNet customers that would like to upgrade to the new Power, Power PRO or Power MAX services will need to have the existing modem and transmitter replaced on their existing dish, and have the satellite dish repositioned to communicate with the new Gen 4 satellite.  Customers that are still in their 24 month term will pay $199 for the hardware and then pay the Power service fee of $49.99 plus the $9.99 monthly equipment fee. If you are “out of term,” you’ll pay $99 for the hardware and then pay the Power service fee of $49.99 plus the $9.99 monthly equipment fee. In either scenario you will have a new 24 month commitment.



Beginning on October 1, 2012, the new HughesNet Gen4 service will be available to customers living in the Eastern Unites States, as well as most of California, Oregon and Washington State. For customers living in the “Great Planes”, we will be offering the New Power Plans, but the maximum download speeds will be limited to 5 Mbps.

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About The Author

John Pearce

John has been in the satellite business since the early 80s! He has done all types of satellite systems from the big dishes to the new Gen4 systems and is recognized as a pioneer in the industry.

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09 2012

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  1. Sandra Taylor #

    So far, as an existing Hughesnet Customer, my experience has been bad. If they honor their written and verbal commitments to me, I will amend my post. But, I am just going to say, “Buyer Beware”. I called on Monday morning based on an email I received for Free Installation and No upfront leasing. Quote from email follows:

    “Call 877-515-5689 Now and be among the first to get HughesNet Gen4 and our limited-time $0 down special. We’ve combined our best service with our best offer ever:

    Free Standard Installation ($199 value)
    No upfront leasing fee ($99 value)
    Plan starting at $49.99/mo.* ”

    I signed up first thing on Monday morning. $49.99 for the first 2 years; $59.99 after that. $50 changed to my credit card up front that would be applied to the first months service. When I received the confirmation email, it said $59.99/month. I called on Thursday to question that and was told there would be an additional $9.99/month. They said they would listen to what I had been told in the recorded call from Monday morning to see what I was promised, and a supervisor would call me back in an hour. That didn’t happen. This morning, I received an email cancelling my order with no stated reason. I talked to the man that signed me up originally and he said they were just told that they couldn’t honor my order and gave me another number to call at Hughesnet to sign up again. I have called that number. They are somewhat clueless, but they have promised to get back to me. They now say I must pay the $99 upfront leasing. They have taken my information and say they will call me back today. If they can’t honor the original offer they made to me, I will not do the upgrade. Again, “Buyer Beware”. If you are not satisfied with this, after the install, you can’t downgrade. And, I am not trusting a company that is changing their word to me daily and not honoring previous commitments.

    • Joseph Pearce #


      Thank you for comment. We feel your pain about deceptive marketing in the satellite industry. The problem as we see it is that everyone from cell phone retailers to truck stops are selling satellite service. As you can see from their unfortunately deceptive marketing campaign they don’t always take the time to fully understand and communicate how each program works to their customers. It gives the entire industry a bad name.

      We do our best not to be like these folks. We’ve been doing satellites since 1979 and we know that the best way to stay in business another 33 years is to tell the customers everything up front. It’s both good business for you and for us, because customers who are deceived cancel and then Hughnes takes away our commission.

      Our website with all of the details on Gen4 is going to be live in about 2 weeks. Why didn’t we jump the gun like a lot of folks who are just “marketing” this product? Because we are making sure we get it right! In the meantime, if you would like the full story on Gen4 from experts please give us a call at 1-800-592-3814 and ask for John Pearce. He is leading our Hughesnet Gen4 expansion.


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